Moray, Jim - Sweet England (Mega Blowout Sale)

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Take a bunch of old, traditional English ballads, a young man who loves them but also loves electronica and this is what you get. Not for traditionalists, but then again, neither was Fairport Convention...until one day it was! Conditionally recommended!

"This is just folk music from the point of view of someone that has heard hip-hop and The Smiths and Radiohead and S-Club"-Jim Moray

"This the lowdown on Moray: the man is only 21 and has un undying love for old, traditional English folk ballads. So, what does he choose to do? He compiles a number of songs, mostly covered by the most revered traditionalists of that genre, and brings to them the sound and instruments that you would expect a 21 years old to be immersed in.
The thing that makes this whole album exceptional is that each song is a marriage of modern and old, without a hint of hybridity, songs brought to life by a different breath and sensibility. Sweet England, April Morning or Longing For Lucy are prime examples of that. Electronica, in some cases, or an electric guitar, help create modern fairy tales."-Juan Mobili
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