Morozov, Yuri - Cherry Garden of Jimi Hendrix

"Shadoks Music are really proud to release an album from Russia 1973. It might be the first time ever that a Western label is releasing an underground album from the former USSR. Yury Morozov sadly passed away a few years ago, but with the help of good friends, Shadoks worked out a release with his widow Nina for this amazing album from 1973 called Cherry Garden of Jimi Hendrix. When Yury was asked in an interview of how many albums he recorded, the answer was 14,7 kilo (tapes). There are 45 albums by Yury and hopefully they will come out in Russia as a CD box, at which time Shadoks will release more. Cherry Garden is an amazing album full of effects, great songs, tons of fuzz guitar, sometimes dark and heavy, sometimes light and funny, with the atmosphere of a Tarkovsky movie such as Stalker and Solaris. Yury plays most instruments, and he plays most of his own gear and effects. Later on, Yury recorded in London at Abbey Road Studios and became friends with many famous British musicians. Yury Morozov is an enigma of Soviet underground music. In 1973 his music was only available as tapes exchanging hands among fans, since he did not meet the Soviet political and musical guidelines. Cherry Garden is a surreal underground rock album which stands out in the realm of international psych standards."
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