They Came From The Stars I Saw Them - Vs Reality

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Pretty hard to describe stuff. Like Chrome Hoof (but sounding nothing like them), they mix weirdness with a lot of influences from 'normal music' and come up with something that is weird and normal; accessible and odd at the same time. Only the English make music like this. Must be in the water. Conditionally recommended.

"The is The Stars 'lost' album - a record with a somewhat checkered history. Recorded on the first 2 days of spring, 2002, and then found to be in an impossible format, converted, confused, lost, found, forgotten, sampled, resampled, pieced together, tampered with, undone, overdubbed, redone, left on the bottom shelf of a cool oven, mashed with rare spices, buried, unearthed, sent out, forgotten again and finally discovered by Onomatopoeia."

"A truly original band, they mix up cosmic krautrock, deranged psychedelia, electronica, 'Barrett-esque' pop and a pioneering disregard for the norm, always a good recipe for a truly interesting band."-Further
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