Mother Mallard's Portable Masterpiece Company - Music By David Borden

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This is, in a way, the 'lost' third album by MMPMC, from when Dave became the sole composer and was compositionally heading towards his big opus, The Continuing Story Of Counterpoint. Recordings from this period of the band's life - their last 2 years or so - have not previously been released before this.

"A leading force in the roots of minimalism, Mother Mallard began in 1968 as a pioneering group using Moog's prototype synthesizers in live performance. These unique instruments led David Borden to develop and compose an innovative contrapuntal style that expanded the embryonic phase of minimalism through layers of rhythms and parts in a daring blend of high renaissance and analog electronics. The rare experience of Mother Mallard live is heard here along with a first release of Borden's "C-A-G-E, Part III." Recorded in 1976 and '77. Includes liner notes by David Borden."
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