Motiffe - Motiffe CD (Mega Blowout Sale)

Mick Avery (piano)
Quentin Bryar (saxophone)
John Grimaldi (guitar)
Mark Pasterfield (drums, percussion)
Ian Wilson (vocals, flute)

As it says below, this is NOT a great recording, but it isn’t SO bad. The music can easily be heard through the low/mid-fi murk.

“Darkly gnarled King Crimson style intensity issued in 1973 in 99 copies, the original recording was made by hanging a microphone with string from the ceiling, and is thus gorgeously terribly lo-fi, but those poor souls who have immersed themselves for too long in Larks Tongues In Aspic still crave this LP...”

“Typical product of the time, Motiffe played a jamming Psychedelic/Jazz Rock, displayed in five long tracks with loose arrangements, scratching guitars, powerful solos but also some more laid-back offerings with flutes and sax in evidence.In fact their sound contains bits from early CARAVAN during the instrumental parts but also plenty of leftovers from the fading period of British Psychedelic Rock.
Held down by a mediocre recording quality, ''Motiffe'' offers a rather jazzy background by this British group, mostly coming through the use of electric piano and the angry saxes, while Grimaldi's solos have a jazzy flavor as well.
Not all pieces are equal, the shorter tracks seem the most well-structured with some melodic themes, soft interplays and overall tighter performances by the members, while the longer ones are overstretched with too much guitar masturbation over the rest of the armour. French group AME SON seems like a good comparison. Lots of twisting electric textures over a soft drumming and rhythmic bass, which is attractively updated by the good work on saxes, flute and electric piano.
There are moments, when the group steps on progressive territories: Virtuosic and technical guitar plays, which lead to unexpected breaks into piano/flute-sax-driven themes and more balanced atmospheres.”-rym
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