Mujician - There's No Going Back Now CD

"Working within the instrumental parameters of the standard post-bop combo - piano, bass, drums and saxophones - the band situates itself in a space midway between what could be called Brit-Improv and American energy music...their sound is, if anything, more exhilarating than it has ever been."-Jazz Weekly. For almost two decades, this British free-jazz quartet has been working and refining their dynamic take on improvised jazz with the same quartet of musicians, all of whom are long-time mainstays on the English and European free-jazz scene: Paul Dunmall-saxes, Tony Levin-drums, Paul Rogers-7 string A.L.L. double bass and Keith Tippett-piano. On this, their sixth album, they do what they have always done, which is to dig in and to investigate the music and where the music takes them, which in this case is a single, 45' long piece! "...the band has been together for many years, producing tasty, adventurous music that pushes the barriers of convention, but never sacrifices high standards. Each of these four musicians is a significant soloist, yet the totality of their balanced, collective sound is due to a certain synergy among them as they create sculptures of an almost transcendent nature... Grandstanding is discarded in favor of a more nuanced approach. Sometimes it even rises to the level of magnificence. The quartet forges a distinct sound, radical yet accessible, unconventional but comforting."-All Music Guide
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