Mythic Sunship - Light/Flux CD

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"Bridging the gap between heavy riff-worship and expansive, free-jazz experimentation alongside perfectly timed outbursts of psychedelic spontaneity is no easy task, but Copenhagen’s MYTHIC SUNSHIP embrace every facet of that challenge with an awe-inspiring ease. Having made a name for themselves by incorporating John Coltrane-style jazz elements into the world of modern psychedelic music, there is something intensely alluring about a band that enforces a scorched earth policy when it comes to looking for new and exciting sounds to explore. Light/Flux is a much more composed and reflective output compared to the band’s 2021 release Wildfire, but it still rips up the rule book as the Scandinavian maestros insatiable appetite for viscerally bold expressionism continues to guide their musical journey.”-Distorted Sound Magazine
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