Neu! - Neu 2 CD

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The second motorik classics by this fabulous German duo of Klaus Dinger & Michael Rother (both fresh from their short stint in Kraftwerk 1971). Guitars, bass, simple electronics & drumming all combine into stunning trance classics. Nicely & newly remastered from the master tapes. No one thought these would ever be reissued, but here they are & they are every bit as good as the hype. This is the record that has the notorious side two where they ran out of steam, took their single, & put it on the lp played at various speeds. Yeah, that's pretty trite, but I gotta say that side one of the album + the single in its original form that appeared on side two, for me constitute their finest work. So, if you program this CD right, you can come up with their finest album (albeit their SHORTEST album, at about 25'....)
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