Nyro, Laura - Legendary Carnegie Hall Broadcast, March 31, 1976 CD (Mega Blowout Sale)

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Excellent quality radio broadcast sonics.

“Laura Nyro was still only 29 when, in February 1976, she released her sixth album. Called Smile, the record caused fans to do just that, as it broke a five-year silence during which Nyro had retreated from the music industry, in part as a protest against the way she felt her music was being marketed. Demand for her songs had only grown in her absence, and this show, recorded for radio broadcast on 31 March that year, finds her in full command of the audience at New York City’s prestigious Carnegie Hall. With an eight-piece band in tow, including horn players and percussionists, Nyro performs material from Smile – including the anti-industry diatribe ‘Money’ – along with cuts from her cult classic albums Eli And The Thirteenth Confession (‘Timer’, ‘The Confession’) and New York Tendaberry (‘Sweet Lovin’ Baby’), proving that she’d lost none of her touch during her self-imposed exile.
Her release rate would slow down between the release of Smile and her death, two decades later, but this performance proves that Nyro’s uniquely versatile songs have lost none of their urgency.”

1. Stormy Love
2. Money
3. Sweet Lovin’ Baby
4. And When I Die
5. Upstairs By A Chinese Lamp
6. The Confession
7. I Am The Blues
8. Smile Mars
9. Timer
10. The Cat Song
11. Emmie
12. Midnight Blues
13. Radio Outro Vox
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