OOIOO - Nijimusi

Excellent, contemporary Japanese art-punk sounds. It’s simultaneously kind of basic while being musically tricky and is a bit of a small classic of its kind, I think!

“Nijimusi is the 8th release from OOIOO. Led by YoshimiO, they're a band that has stayed relevant long past many of their contemporaries thru constant re-inventions & explorations. It's recorded with a more traditional rock set up of two guitars, bass & drums, but thanks to an improvisational recording process and technical prowess, this is not an album that could ever get lost in the crowd.
Sounds created for no reason. Sounds that come
and go, and disappear into the air like a scent, 
as soon as they materialize. Atonal phrases that 
hold the meaning of words that existed before
the advent of language. The wonders of a vortex 
pulsing with life.
Just as a new discovery is
actually a new way of looking to see what has
always been there, OOIOO, seemingly from
the core of their being, created a world of sound
made up of parts well known that is strikingly
precise and intensely original. After a six year
 hiatus, OOIOO has created a new album that
goes back to the roots of being a four-piece band.
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