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Ocean - Pantheon of the Lesser

"Following their acclaimed breakthrough debut album that caught the ears of critics and fans worldwide, and became Important's highest selling album, Ocean has returned with their forward-thinking, brutally heavy and purely minimalist sophomore album Pantheon Of The Lesser. Pantheon Of The Lesser was composed over a period of two years in Ocean's home studio in Portland, Maine. As the seasons, passed each track was written, re-written, played and then re-played as layers were slowly stripped away until the true essence of the song was revealed. Once Ocean entered the studio, it took another two years to deconstruct Pantheon Of The Lesser until they had found the essence of their writing. This disciplined deconstructionist approach to songwriting is how Ocean takes their music into the next level of the abyss. The result of this compositional technique is over an hour of strictly bare instrumentation and a kind of natural heaviness that slowly rises and falls in a pure organic fashion. Everything in its own time. Simply profound. Heavy like Schoenberg. While Ocean continues to explore and expand upon their 'less is more' approach of profound musical minimalism and sheer heaviness, Pantheon Of The Lesser is a bit more musical than its predecessor. 'The Beacon,' the opening track, was played as Ocean's complete set on a recent U.S. tour and on dates with Mono and Boris. Clocking in at 41 minutes on record and over an hour live, 'The Beacon' evolves in 3 distinct movements with fleeting moments of hypnotic melody and earth-shakingly heavy dirges, creating an all encompassing tone of pure misanthropy. The second and final track on Pantheon Of The Lesser, titled 'Of The Lesser,' carries a similar theme of misery. Written as an ode to distraction, chemical and otherwise, it is Ocean at their most personal: a pure sonic stream of consciousness in slow motion. Packaged in a deluxe foil printed heavy duty cardboard jacket with art by renowned Maine illustrator Bruce Hutchison."
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