Holmes, Jake - A Letter to Katherine December

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"U.S. folk-rock singer/songwriter Jake Holmes' second album, originally released in 1968 on the Tower label. Phoenix Records' reissue of Holmes' first album, "The Above Ground Sound..." generated an amazing level of interest. A Letter To Katherine December is a record that many critics rate even more highly than his first. This is indeed a great follow-up; an album which easily evades the shadow of its predecessor's success and another recording that, in typical Holmes fashion, defies description. Although Rick Randle, whose bizarre bass playing was such a feature on the first album, is missing on this one, Charlie Fox's immaculate string and horn arrangements more than compensate. Holmes' eccentric songwriting is here in all its rich diversity, the sound quality is outstanding and the production standards superb. As was the case with its predecessor, A Letter... failed to achieve any real commercial impact, so Holmes switched to a more country feel for his next two releases. Obviously, he had perplexed the people at Tower Records enough by this time, and so the label cancelled his contract. Without a safety net, Holmes plunged into the world of TV commercials, which, ironically, is where he was to eventually enjoy his only real financial success. Another great album that comes highly recommended."

"Holmes' sound is so far away from rock n roll, that it is impossible to pigeon-hole. What do you call it? Garage? Well, if you had a crowbar and some plastique explosive you might pry it into that straitjacket. Folk influences merge with jazz scatting and fuzzed-out acid rock excursions in a bizarre hybrid that has yet to be named. This album is so far in the garage, it's under the garage."-Perfect Sound Forever

"...like a suede-clad James Bond he then finds salvation at the very brink of death, opening side 2 with what is not only the high-point of the LP but of his entire career, or anyone's career (we're talking Scorpio Tube levels here); viz, the extended LSD-drenched showstopper titled 'Leaves Never Break' ... The celebrated 'Dazed & Confused' seems a mere sketch for this desperate slab of torment."-The Acid Archives
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