OddAtlas - OddAtlas

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Warren Walker-Saxophone/Synths/Effects (The Kandinsky Effect)
Federico Casagrande-Guitar (The Drops, Federico Casagrande Trio, Vincent Peirani)
Sam Minaie-Electric Bass/Effects (Melody Gardot, Yaron Herman) Caleb Dolister-Drums (The Kandinsky Effect, Dr. Mint)

“Saxophonist Warren Walker and Guitarist Federico Casagrande are longtime friends in the Paris music scene. Together they form OddAtlas along with drummer Caleb Dolister and bassist Sam Minaie from New York. The project began with the newly formed quartet locking themselves in a remote alpine studio during a frigid December week in Chamonix, France, 2016. They arrived at the studio with a few odd compositions, plugged in and started to create. Despite the cold air rushing down from Mont Blanc to still the town, the studio stayed warmed by hours of exploring their collective compositions.”

Really good modern ‘jazz/not jazz’ from half of Kandinsky Effect. You can hear elements of Kandinsky for certain, but there’s a lot more here besides. Highly recommended!

“This is an interesting almost jazz, almost prog, occasionally mathy set of instrumental pieces that skitters between, never quite being one thing or the other; never quite making up it's mind. That's sort of like looking in a mirror. :-)) Listen a while; this will grow on you.”
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  • UPC888295789509
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