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Another incredibly rare and obscure release from the UFO label, reissued for the very 1st time, and done completely legitimately by Rocket. Led by Finnish drummer Matti Oiling, and originally released in 1972, this is a jazz/rock/kosmigroov rarity waiting for the dedicated crate-digger to discover it. There's some great grooves, some really excellent, 'perfectly of the time period' lead guitar, Hammond and more.

"Drummer Matti Oiling (RIP) is one of the legends in the history of Finnish funky music. 1942 born Oiling started his musical career at the end on 1950s. During the 1960s Oiling played “rautalanka”-music in Sweden with The Telstars and was forming the first Finnish supergroup The Jormas. He also played a short period in The Boys (backing band for Eero and Jussi Raittinen). Oiling’s own band Oiling boiling was formed in 1969 - at that time it was called Happy jazz band. Their self-titled debut Happy jazz band was released in 1970 on Finnlevy label. In 1971 the band released their second album on Ufo, Finnlevy’s small sublabel that released only 4 albums with really small quantities. In 1971 their name was already settled to Oiling boiling and therefore this second album was also a self-titled one. There’s pretty strong line-up on this album. Matti Bergström on Fender bass, Martti Metsäketo on saxophone and flute, Pentti Lasanen on saxophone, trumpet and flute, Kaj Backlund on trumpet, Tuomo Tanska on piano and organ, Kalle Lae on guitar and Matti Oiling himself on drums and percussion. Like their first album, this one also mixes jazz with strong influences of rock and funk. Along the funky drumming and breaks there’s a strong funky feel even on those jazzier tracks. “Simple pimple” and “Soul rock” are both quality soul-jazz tracks, where latter has some serious guitar working too. Funky midtempo “Boom bang basch” has a quite long percussion breakdown in the middle. Besides those, there’s two standout tracks that are both nice bboy friendly uptempo funk-groovers. “Polar carneval” starts with a banging beat and later some strange slightly sitar-a-like horn sounds follow. The whole song is a continuous latin-esque breakdown with occasional whistles. “Beka” has slightly less tempo but is still a great one. It starts with a nice break and continues as a horn driven jazzy funk track."-Mista Tibzz
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