Orme - Il Leone e la Bandiera / Le Orme and Friends 3 x CD set

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This is presented a little bit in confusing way, so here’s what this is, to the best of my ability to translate Italian and very poor English! It is a numbered, limited edition of 1,000 (oh, how far the industry has fallen)

CD 1 is a new album by Le Orme. I thought that the music was great and the band sounds like Orme. The band is embarking on their final tour next year and this was done to celebrate that as well as something to sell from the merch stand.

CD 2 is “unreleased songs composed by (the current) Le Orme together with Tony Pagliuca (historic keyboard player and member of the historic trio), Tolo Marton (co-author of Smogmagica from 1975), Francesco Sartori (in training until 1997), Fabio Trentini (from 2009 to 2018) and Jimmy Spitaleri (frontman of Metamorfosi and voice of Le Orme in 2011 and 2012).
A particular and moving quote for the participation in this album of a musician from Le Orme who has been missing for thirty years: Germano Serafin. An interpretation of him recorded at the time appears on the album!”

CD 3 is “CD containing pieces by some of the most important Italian prog music groups:
1) Osanna with Lino Vairetti on vocals who will be present in many of the concerts of the tour
2) The Trip (with historic drummer Pino Sinnone and Nico Di Palo as guest)
3) Divae Project (with Gianni Nocenzi as guest)
4) Mangala Vallis (with Gigi Cavalli Cocchi, Bernardo Lanzetti, Roberto Tiranti and many others)
5) Moongarden (with Cristiano Roversi among others)
6) Alex Carpani
7) Monkey Diet (with Eric Gales and Doenlla Del Monaco as guests)
8) Sezione Frenante
9) Le Folli Arie
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