Pahl, Frank - The Back Of Beyond

Frank is best known for his work with his band Only A Mother, but he's been a solo artist for much longer than Only A Mother were around. "It may be hard to believe, but The Back of Beyond is Frank Pahl's first solo album since 1998! In the meantime he has released a collaboration with the French naive duo Klimperei and an album with his ScavengerQuartet.The Back of Beyond is more focused than In Cahoots (1996) or Remove the Cork (1998), as it sticks to the instrumental format. And Pahl has refined his art. His music mostly consists of precious little melodies performed on an assortment of toy and unusual instruments: ukuleles, euphonium, harmonium, zither, melodica & an array of self-built automated devices. Each of these short pieces (23 in the course of an hour) feels like a bonsai. Under its apparent fragility lies a world of small details and precise can't deny the irresistible charm of The Back of Beyond."-Franois Couture/All Music Guide
  • LabelNovel Cell Poem
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