Parker, Christopher / The Band Of Guardian Angels - Soul Food CD

SKU 39-CD-MAHA-016
Christopher Parker - piano
Kelley Hurt - vocals
Daniel Carter - winds
Jaimie Branch - trumpet
William Parker - bass
Gerald Cleaver - drums

Nice to see this album led by keyboardist Christopher Parker, who was in the final version of Curlew and plays spectacularly on “Mercury” among others.

“Soul food, food for the soul. Greens, okra, fresh tomatoes, all the food from the earth to nourish us. Sounds of harmony, rhythm, and soulfulness, also to nourish our souls. The antidote to the ugliness and division in our world. Guardian Angels, here to deliver meals from on high. High notes, low notes, everything in between, feeding us with love and rhythms that rock us into a better world.
Sounds fill our ears, lift our spirits, put us at ease, and heal our bodies. These are the tools of the Guardians. Sound, like food, to bring forth health and peace. We offer these to the listener and hope you will eat and listen to this music.”
  • LabelMahakala
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