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What we have here is a remarkably accurate homage to Canterbury stylings (and more specifically to Dave Stewart’s work in said stylings). If you liked the first Zopp album and you want to hear (gigantic) influences of Egg, Hatfield and Health, this is the place.

“French based multi-instrumentalist and composer Tom Penaguin presents his spectacular self-titled debut album. The album showcases some of the most impressive Canterbury Scene progressive rock sounds since the genre’s inception in the 1970s. Tom (guitarist of Djiin and former keyboardist of Orgöne), began playing guitar at the age of 6 and later learnt how to play drums, piano and organ to a professional standard by the age of 15. Influenced by the likes of Frank Zappa and the Canterbury Scene, Tom set out to build an analog music studio in his house in 2020, where he recorded the entire album using a plethora of vintage studio hardware and equipment. The result is a masterful ode to bands like Egg and National Health. The songs are complex in structure, with Stravinsky-inspired patterns, glorious melodies, whilst allowing room for lengthy improvisations akin to the fusion scene of the early 70s.”

Composed, played, recorded and mixed by Tom Penaguin
Gear used :
Fender Rhodes MK2
Cembalet II
Yamaha YC20
Hohner Pianet T
Hohner String Melody
Moog Matriarch
Squier Precision bass
Yamaha Rydeen drum kit
Goya Rangemaster on track 1 and 2
Gibson SG on track 4
Gibson Les Paul Goldtop on track 5
No virtual instruments were used on this record.

“I've been trying to make this album since I was 17 years old, but never quite had the knowledge, the instruments nor the gear to do it properly until now. It took me 10 years, but I know there are no compromises in here and it is now at a musical level that feels satisfactory to me. This album is very important to me, and I hope it will help to decorate the important moments of your life.”
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