Pesonen, Markus - Hum

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11 musicians in a wild collision of jazz and new music. All originals, except for versions of "Goodbye Pork Pie Hat" and "A Day in the Life"!

"The Markus Pesonen Hendectet is an energetic eleven-piece orchestra consisting of young and talented improvisors from Copenhagen and Berlin. "The music is written especially for the musicians involved, tailored to each individual’s personality and special skills. The music bears many influences that range from jazz to noise, the Beatles to Schönberg, all brought together in a new and exciting fashion by relying on a wide palette of sounds and atmospheres. Improvisation plays a big part in the music and its use in different ways is a key element in Pesonen’s composing."

Elena Setién – voice and violin | Adam Pultz Melbye – bass | Camilla Barrat-Due – accordion | Marc Lohr – drums and electronics | Otis Sandsjö – alto sax, tenorsax and clarinet | Martin Stender – tenor sax, soprano sax and flute | Lars Greve – soprano sax, tenor sax, baritone sax and bass clarinet | Tobias Wiklund – trumpet and flugelhorn | Petter Hängsel – trombone | Jonatan Ahlbom – tuba | Markus Pesonen – guitar, lapsteel and compositions.

“Out of nowhere comes one of the highlights of the jazz year: a colorful, intense, and fearless album that showcases the extraordinary visionary composer and orchestra leader. Who the heck is this Pesonen?”-Pentti Ronkanen, Keskisuomalainen (Finland)
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