Pike, Dave -Live at the Philharmonie (24 bit remastered/mini-lp sleeve)

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Dave Pike was a jazz vibist who was one of the early jazz players who was 'turned on to' rock music and he made a number of fun, swingin' and to be honest, now fairly quaint-sounding albums in the late 60s and very early 70s where he fused his jazz sound with electric guitar and other 'rock' influences. In some ways, this is quite comparable to Gary Burton's famous and also early group with Larry Coryell. Recorded live 11/69 this was the third album by this group. This album is the best one that I can recall of all the Dave Pike Set albums, and even though it is a bit timid at times, it does swing well and guitarist Volker Kriegel plays great, almost psychedelic electric jazz/rock guitar. While Volker and Dave are the soloing stars, J.A. Rettenbacher (bass, cello and electric bass) and Peter Baumeister (drums) perform well and sometimes really get a bit more than timid and actually zoom off into 'out' land and the audience obviously is loving what they are hearing.
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