Pineda, Cathlene - A Week's Time

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Cathlene Pineda, piano, compositions
Kris Tiner, trumpet
Ivan Johnson, bass
Tina Raymond, drums

“With a lush and introspective approach to the jazz, Cathlene Pineda and her quartet effortlessly glide from group melodic improvisation to composed rhythmic motives, incorporating elements of song form and classical composition, tonality and color.”

“A Week’s Time was written after complications in my father’s surgery left us uncertain as to whether he would live or die. Hours of waiting in the dimly lit hospital room thinking intensely about the health of my father and nothing else created a hyper vigilance and awareness and seemed to shut off everything external in my mind. It was strangely meditative as the beeping noises and low buzz of the machinery droned continuously, as if nothing else in the world mattered or even existed. Slowly, over the next week, and against all odds, my father would show signs of consciousness and understanding. Suddenly, everything seemed new. It was as if everything was turned up and the color came back not only in my father’s face, but in the physical world around us. "Everything was living, everything had texture, and everything had a sound, whether or not it was moving.
"After that week, everything and nothing seemed important, and music was more powerful and also more fleeting than it had been. Each piece on this album was meant to bring out the light and darkness that existed so powerfully that week.
"The realization of these pieces could only exist with these specific musicians. Without explanation, Tina, Ivan, and Kris can pick up on the nuance of each composition and contribute to the narrative. Releasing this album, I can only feel a sense of joy. This past year has been brought to life through rhythm, color, tonality and passionate, devoted work by some of the most talented, virtuosic and sensitive musicians I know.
"This album is written for my father."-Cathlene Pineda
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