Plants - Double Infinity

Quite entrancing spacey/psych released in a DVD case in a limited edition of 500 copies. The label calls it psych-folk, but this is pretty much a rock band as far as I am concerned. No matter what you call it, it's excellent, especially the almost 20' title track.

"Double Infinity", the new full length cd from Portland, Oregon's acclaimed psych folk duo, Plants, is their most ambitious undertaking yet. Opener "The Sky Above Seeks the Below" is an expansive chasm of languid organs and twinkling piano clusters swelling up into a crescendo of vocal introspection and sparse, glistening folk drone space pop. The title track, is a twenty minute Kraut Rock odyssey packed with fuzz guitar, bongo hypnotics, electric harpsichord, and driving strings. The album closes with the arcane folk madrigal "Gnostic Flame", an open ended acoustic bewitchment that serves well as a coda to this enchanting, celestial album."
  • LabelParadigm
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