Trad Gras och Stenar - From Moja to Mineapolis DVD

Träd Gräs och Stenar have their origin from Pärson Sound / International Harvester which started playing in 1967. The band dissolved in 1972 but reunited in 1995, ready for new adventures. During 2002-05, Mikael Högström and his video camera accompanied our gigs. As time went on, it turned out to be a little project. Mikael showed us his latest clips and under our merciless eyes and ears, those clips slowly developed into this DVD. It also contains recordings from other cameras and sound recorders, including a few glimpses from our old 8mm movies – an echo from the past. It’s been exciting to watch it form an entirety. This is a DVD full of wonderful 2002-2005 footage of the legendary Träd Gräs och Stenar, as filmed by Mikael Högström. - Time 118 min., plus an extra bonus 3 min. 21 secs. with old film clips from 1970. 4:3; NTSC PCM; Stereo; Region: 0; DVD 9; Double Layer."
  • Format TypeNTSC
  • Region CodingAll Region
  • LabelGashud
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