Goebbels, Heiner/Alfred Harth - Hommage/Vier Fauste fur Hanns Eisler 2 x CDs

"A long and extraordinarily fruitful partnership started here - continuing through the Sogennantes Linksradikales Blasorchester - where Alfred and Heiner picked up Christoph Anders, the three of whom then went on to co-found Cassiber, with Chris Cutler. A critical success in its own time, this duo recorded two more CDs before parting company, each more musically open than its predecessor. These first two sorties are a kind of jazz-inflected, punk-inflected, highly spirited and imaginative – series of adapted Hanns Eisler compositions - as well as some original pieces by the duo itself, who between them cover a lot of instruments, and combinations of instruments, and – ah youth – are never less than hurling themselves into their performances. Heiner went on, after Cassiber, to become one of Germany’s leading music-theatre writer and directors, as well as composing for the ensemble modern, orchestras and opera companies (he had an orchestra premiere to mark the opening of the Festival Hall complex in London on July 12th). Alfred went on to form several other bands, including Gestalt et Jive before relocating to Seoul in Korea, where he now lives and works. He is currently part of Otomo Yoshihide’s New Jazz Orchestra. Both original LPs have been re-mastered for this release by Bob Drake."
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