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Univeria Zekt - The Unnamables 180 gram vinyl lp (due to size and weight, this price for the USA only. Outside of the USA, the price will be adjusted as needed)

SKU 05-GP 1005LP
This reissues one of the rarer and stranger items in the Magma cannon. Recorded by the 1001 Degrees Centigrade band (Christian Vander, Klaus Blasquiz, Francois Cahen, Francis Moze, Teddy Lasry, Yochk'o Seffer + guests), this was initiated by Magma's manager, the famous producer and label owner Laurent Thibault, to present a more 'commercial face' to Magma. What you end up with is an album that sounds like early Magma crossed with early Chicago-style horn-rock, including some very 'soulful' vocals. For my tastes, this is about half really good and half not so good. But there are a lot of Magma fans out there & many of you will find it still worthwhile to own a studio recording of half a great album by this band! Fully-licensed, exact reissue in gatefold cover and 180 gram vinyl. Limited to 600 copies in black vinyl."
  • LabelGolden Pavilion
  • UPC2090503452718
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