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Xalph are a semi-legendary Zeuhl band who never released anything during their lifetime (1974-1980 or so) but who recorded demos which were met with some positive acclaim, even though they did not ever lead to an actual signing and which is what this lp is, finally given life beyond the cassette demo world.
In the mid 80s, they had one track from their demos (included here) released on the Magma-themed Enneade compilation by Musea.
For the truly zeuhl amongst us, this is a surprising and very happy treat!!

“An unknown masterpiece of this french style, released only on cassette, I think this should be ranked and evaluated next to the other musical masterpieces of the 20th century like The Rite of Spring or Prokofieff's ballets, studied in music schools and conservatories, the compositional quality is not inferior in any way. I hope I'm not the only one who will hold this opinion...
Actually the music is not as dissonantly difficult as Yog or Yochk'o or Shub, more similar to early Abus or later Eider.”
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