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“Verto (aka Vertø) was chiefly the project of Toulouse (France) based guitarist Jean-Pierre Grasset circa 1974 to '79. Verto involved members of Potemkine in the early days, playing a hybrid of rock fusions close the Zeuhl style. Often Verto would be Monsieur Grasset alone, doing live multi-track work on his guitar with delay/foldback in the vein of Manuel Göttsching or Steve Hillage. Other members included Benoît Widemann (from Magma) and Jean-Pierre Fouquey (from Forgas and later in Magma).”

Some parts of this are very Magma/Weidorje influenced and other tracks are much more electronic based.
The second of two by Vertø, this is its first ever reissue!
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