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Some albums just come crashing into your life, like a wave escaping the beach, with a mighty life affirming splash of electric guitar...And now, from nowhere, come Pocket, with a dozen guitar, bass and drums instrumentals that dare you to whistle them out loud, but without insulting your intelligence. The album is carried by two contrasting guitars: Alex Ward's nasal sneer versus John Bisset's deep-throated , Vox AC30-amped twang. Bisset's melodies pit the guitars against each other, trading phrases in a spiraling, competitive hocket, until both collapse back into the main tune. Wellingtons" is driven by a Bo Diddley beat, "Horatio" is a sprightly march as played by Jimi Hendrix, and "Willy Coyote", written for This Heat's Charles Hayward, lets French drummer Oliv J. Picard get flash with the crash. "Tumba" shows Pocket at their effervescent best; a cod-flamenco climbing line rises and rises, until it resolves magnificently into a heartstopping major scale - an impressive rush for a debut album..."-The Wire/Clive Bell
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