Premiata Forneria Marconi - PFM in Classic: da Mozart - A Celebration 2 x CDs

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"I am honoured to write the first review about Premiata Forneria Marconi's latest album "PFM in classic: Da Mozart A Celebration" which is a very different one. Partially it feels like pure classical music and that is of course totally lovely. On this record PFM is: Franz di Cioccio(vocals, drums), Franco Mussida(guitar,vocals) and Patrick Djivas(bass) with Lucio Fabbri as a special keys and vocals guest and also Roberto Gualdi on drums and Alessandro Scagleoni on keyboards and finally, a full orchestra. The cover picture is bright and further plays on the classical theme. Directly I understood this was a nice album. Especially the first CD is worth praising where Premiata Forneria Marconi does wonderful versions of some of our most lovely classical compositions. As I wrote, sometimes it's very classical and at other moments it sounds like rock but mostly it's a perfect fusion, impossible to analyze in smaller fragments. The quality of this music is very high and PFM's classical addaptions are higly recommended. "Il flauto magico - Overture"(Mozart) (10/10) is surely perfect, a lovely piece of progressive rock or classical music or what you'd like to call it. It's also impossible to not love "Romeo e Giulietta - Danza dei cavalieri"(Prokofiev)(10/10) or Rimskij-Korsakov's "La grande Pasqua russa"(10/10). On the other CD PFM plays their old "hits" but now in a totally different style with a very present orchestra. Especially impressive are the tracks "La luna nouva" (from L'isola...)and "Impresioni di Settembre" have such a power with the orchestra's work. The album is totally lovely so five stars would'nt have been a wrong decision. I have a little problem with the format where one half seems to be a rework of old material(even if they're great). Perhaps the first CD would have been enough to make a perfect recording. With absolutely no sign of a bad track this is something beautiful I recommend you to eat. A wonderful 2013 release, totally free from the time's shackles."-progarchives
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