Reale Accademia di Musica - La Cometa

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Never-before released in physical form, this was released as a legitimate download a few years ago. It was supposed to be the group's third album, but even though it was completed, it remained unreleased and not even suspected to exist until 2010.

This is a nice, low key, progressive work with a strong folky feel. Not a mind-blower, but devotees of Rock Progressivo Italiano will be more than pleased to be able to add something original and long-lost to their collections!

" Composed exclusively by Henryk Topel, La Cometa was recorded in 1974 by a transitional formation of the band; core members Topel and Frederico Troiani were joined by guitarists Enzo De Luca, Gianfranco Coletta and Pericle Sponzilli, drummers Roberto Senzasono and Stefano Fournier, bassist Carlo Bruno, guest violinist Toni Marcus and singer Micaela Grandi. Even Adriano Monteduro, whom had recorded his first solo album with the group, lends backing vocal duties and inspiration. La Cometa shares some qualities with that album, namely the wealth of acoustic guitar-centric material and shorter song development, but also hints at the previous greatness RAM achieved on their immaculate debut."
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