Pride, Mike - Drummer's Corpse

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"The 33 minute maximum intensity transformative epic Drummer's Corpse was recorded within the same month as the diametrically opposed (in concept, content and title) Birthday Days, and no pair of records better represent his multifarious artistic nature. Their simultaneous release is a major artistic statement from Mike Pride. Drummer's Corpse was originally conceived and written in 2005, following a devastating apartment fire which consumed nearly all of Pride's possessions, recordings, and compositions. Finally realized/recorded in late 2012, it features an inter-generational seven-strong gathering of some of the finest currently active drummer/composers, organ drone, waves of electric guitar, and vocal performance art by Pride and two additional members of this stunning assembly. It is a scream against violence and war. A scream against greed and envy. A howl of strength, power, and self-reliance."
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