Proud Peasant - Peasant Songs CD

These songs were recorded at various points between 2013 and 2018 and feature Proud Peasant’s lineup as it evolved.

"Austin, TX-based American progressive rock band Proud Peasant have forged a reputation for combining classic and modern sounds together, drawing comparisons to Mike Oldfield, Gryphon, Wobbler, and King Crimson, while also incorporating elements of movie and video game soundtracks, metal, thrash, chamber music, avant-garde, and ragtime jazz to create a cinematic mix of sounds.
Proud Peasant's debut album Flight was called an "aptly titled escape into musical fancy that masterfully knots together British folk, cinematic symphonic rock, Elizabethan prog, Gentle Giant-ish vocal fugues and even videogame-score-like whimsy." (Progression Magazine) The album achieved significant acclaim, ending 2014 on several best-of lists, reaching #1 on Amazon's Progressive Rock charts, and spending 11 weeks on the Gagliarchives Top 20 Progressive Rock Albums of the Week.
Their next release, a 7” vinyl-only single for Fruits de Mer Records with covers of classic tracks by Eloy and Manfred Mann’s Earth Band was described as a “mad, turbulent and yet utterly immersive ten minutes of self-indulgent fun and worth every penny!” (Progradar) The release received universal praise and was featured on Stuart Maconie's Freak Zone on BBC Radio.
The band return with Peasantsongs, a collection of rare and unreleased tracks, featuring their Fruits de Mer covers for the first time on CD, a staggering interpretation of proto-prog band Touch’s Down at Circe’s Place, a gritty live version of King Crimson’s Red from 2015’s VoyagerFest, and music that ranges from European chamber music and prog metal to Chinese classical music. This album also serves as a bridge to the next album, Communion, but make no mistake – this is a singular work of music pulling together several threads into a cohesive whole that follows through on the band’s tagline, creating the soundtrack to sublime dreams . . . and wicked nightmares."
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