Reaktor4 - Pannschüppenczewski CD (expanded)

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Siegfried Meier (guitar, flute)
Paul Döing (guitar)
Johannes Brackmann (bass)
Reinhold Stania (drums)
This is the sort of thing that Garden of Delights do so delightfully well; this is a previously unreleased album by a basically unknown outfit from 1975 who were a local, underground / experimental German outfit. But not only do you get the album, which was never released anyway, you get 20' of bonus live tracks. Yow.

"There is only one single laquer that exists of this (studio recorded) LP, i. e. one individual copy, which was given as a present to the band's drummer, Reinhold Stania, in 1975.
It was unfortunately played too often and is therefore damaged significantly; the master tape was thrown away. Great efforts have now been made to restore and decrackle the LP as far as possible in the Kerpen Railroad Tracks studio, which is probably the best-equipped studio worldwide for this purpose.
The result is highly superior to the original, but it is unfortunately still unsatisfactory, especially tracks one and three – more improvement was simply not possible. Only the bonus tracks are perfect.
The music is experimental and session-like, not trying to meet high standards, with transverse flute and without vocals. Apart from one gig they had in Essen-Rellinghausen, by the way, Reaktor 4 never had concerts outside their hometown, Bottrop, which is situated in the Ruhr area."
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