Reich, Steve - Reich/Richter CD

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“Composed for a video art exhibit [and book] by Gerhard Richter that involves a series of halving and turning of a stripped pattern into pixels and back, Steve Reich's music has a built-in rhythmic base in which to play. The metered notes, half, quarter, eights, sixteenths, offered by Ensemble intercontemporain in the acoustic wonder of Philharmonie de Paris-Cité, named for Pierre Boulez, produce an engaging melodic pattern. This is a concert recording to add to the magic. The instrumentation is what we expect, with vibraphones and reeds, plus strings and piano. Floating lightly with gentle movement, the music is recognizably Reich, but the work is different from his previous projects. The meditative slow patterns of most of the piece end with the familiar vigor of piano pulse and weaving reeds. As he is presently age 85, the album proves he is far from retiring; he has more sounds to explore. Thus, the abstract geometric patterns of the art is aptly matched by the music: art inspiring art in synergy.”-Dr Debra Jan Bibel
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