Rempis, Dave - Hunters Gatherers 2 x CDs

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Tim Daisy (drums), Anton Hatwich (bass), Dave Rempis (saxophone), Frank Rosaly (drums).

"A two-disc live set named after the Columbia, South Carolina venue where it was recorded in April 2006. Rempis first earned widespread notice as a member of the Chicago music scene's quintessential Vandermark 5, but has since established himself as a leader in his own right at the helm of groups such as The Engines, Triage, the Dave Rempis Quartet and The Rempis Percussion Quartet. interviewer Paul Olson recently wrote, "Rempis embodies all of the best qualities of the Chicago improvisational music scene: he's a gifted but disciplined player who knows his instruments inside and out; he's a fearless, imaginative improviser; and he uncomplainingly works his ass off." In addition to his extensive work as a leader and active sideman, which led DownBeat to call him one of its Talents Deserving Wider Recognition in 2006."

"The new live double CD by this local powerhouse, Hunter-Gatherers (482 Music), is the best document yet of how free its improvisations really are. They run the gamut from fractured, meterless exchanges to pop-derived material, and they're equally persuasive at both ends. On "Black Book," for example, reedist Dave Rempis starts out playing Doppler-effect baritone-sax lines that swing through the arrhythmic clusters of drummers Frank Rosaly and Tim Daisy like a comet sweeping through cosmic debris. Then he locks into a ferocious stomp with bassist Anton Hatwich, the drummers elaborate on that pulse, and the music veers thrillingly close to an all-acoustic hybrid of rock and gutbucket R & B. The giddy energy lapses a bit, then surges during a busy percussion discussion that resolves into an electrifying, bluesy finale - and when you recover your senses, just 12 minutes have passed. The players negotiate each transition and embrace each element without hesitation, and when they're fresh off the road - like they will be at this record-release party - their interactions are honed to almost telepathic quickness." — Bill Meyer, Chicago Reader Critic's Choice

"The energy of this live performance is impressive... The lengthy narratives have light and shade amid intense ram raid solos by the leader who has a powerful, pungent tone. Things really cook when the two percussionists conjure up the presence of a small drum orchestra..." — Kevin Le Gendre Jazzwise
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