Resende, Julio - Da Alma

"One of the most significant forces in the new generation of jazz musicians in Portugal, pianist Júlio Resende was initially taught by one of the leading Portuguese jazz pedagogues, Zé Eduardo, and then followed by Rodrigo Gonçalves and Pedro Moreira. Resende had a classical background, but soon he found out he was not satisfied to play compositions he could not improvise over. He decided to study and work with the best masters from the New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music, the Berklee College of Music, and the Bill Evans Academy, in between spending time at the Université de St. Denis in Paris. “Da Alma” (“From the Soul”) is the first title he has recorded under his name and it is a promising debut. Rooted in the bop tradition, but with a creative, open, and modern approach, the music is bright, full of color, seductive, and sometimes exquisite. Resende has a strong flair for melody. Here we have two configurations of his quartet: João Custódio (double bass) a constant member, Alexandra Grimal and Zé Pedro Coelho alternating on the tenor saxophone (both on “Jinha”), and João Lobo and João Rijo taking shifts on the drum set. Like Resende, all of them are young and talented improvisers. The future of jazz in Portugal will come from here."
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