Residents - Commercial Album pREServed Edition (expanded / remastered) 2 x CDs

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This 1980 album, was, for me, The Residents last truly great hurrah. The concept was to make songs of exactly ONE MINUTE in length and this is an album of 50 perfect little masterpieces.
Lots of appearances by Fred Frith (he's all over it) as well as guest appearances by Snakefinger, Chris Cutler, Lena Lovich, etc.

"After spending a couple of years creating the 1979 album, Eskimo, The Residents wanted a break from the long form abstract approach. They had written a lot of melody lines and thought it would be fun to use them all instead of selecting a few to develop. Short-attention-span ideas in music was new. Initially people didn't know what to make of it. Now it is recognized as one of their best."

“Produced with The Cryptic Corporation using archival tapes supplied by The Residents themselves, this package explores and expands the classic 1980 album - the record which cemented The Residents' reputation as conceptual cultural observers with aspirations towards the mainstream. Including unheard outtakes, live rehearsals, re-workings and live interpretations, this is The Residents as we've always wanted to hear them. Bonus material includes unused period recordings (including several one-minute pieces), live-in-the-studio material and concert recordings.”

Disc: 1
1. Easter Woman
2. Perfect Love
3. Picnic Boy
4. End of Home
5. Amber
6. Japanese Watercolor
7. Secrets
8. Die In Terror
9. Red Rider
10. My Second Wife
11. Floyd
12. Suburban Bathers
13. Dimples and Toes
14. The Nameless Souls
15. Love Leaks Out
16. Act of Being Polite
17. Medicine Man
18. Tragic Bells
19. Loss of Innocence
20. The Simple Song
21. Ups and Down
22. Possessions
23. Give It To Someone Else
24. Phantom
25. Less Not More
26. My Work Is So Behind
27. Birds in the Trees
28. Handful of Desire
29. Moisture
30. Love Is...
31. Troubled Man
32. La La
33. Loneliness
34. Nice Old Man
35. The Talk of Creatures
36. Fingertips
37. In Between Dreams
38. Margaret Freeman
39. The Coming of the Crow
40. When We Were Young
41. Shut Up, Shut Up
42. And I Was Alone
43. Electronic Elaborate Waste
44. Kraftwerk
45. Cosmetics For Reality
46. Rosco's Righteous Rodent
47. Pretty Baby
48. Tuxedos
49. No Longer Unused
50. Instant Hostility
51. Elevator Lady
52. We're A Happy Family

Disc: 2
1. Shut Shut (Residue Version)
2. And I Was Alone (Alternate)
3. Ups and Downs (Residue Version)
4. Boy In Love
5. Die In Terror (1982 Rehearsal)
6. Give It To Someone Else (1982 Rehearsal)
7. Love Leaks Out (1982 Rehearsal)
8. The Talk of Creatures (1982 Rehearsal)
9. Easter Woman (Live 1986)
10. Amber (Live 1986)
11. Red Rider (Live 1986)
12. Die In Terror (Live 1986)
13. The Coming of Crow (Live 1986)
14. Moisture (Icky Flix Version)
15. Act of Being Polite (Icky Flix Version)
16. Perfect Love (Icky Flix Version)
17. Simple Song (Icky Flix Version)
18. Red Rider (Commercial DVD Version)
19. Moisture (Commercial DVD Version)
20. Commercial Album Suite (Live 2005)
21. Give It To Someone Else (Live 2013)
22. Easter Woman (Live 2015)
23. My Second Wife (Live 2015)
24. Loss of Innocence (Live 2015)
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