Residents - Gingerbread Man

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"THE GINGERBREAD MAN is the story or, maybe more accurately, one of the many journeys of an entity that visits the minds of human beings, and spies upon their thoughts. In the center of these personalities, the Gingerbread Man finds each person's individual "brain song," an infectious piece of pop music that floats around in their mind. The Gingerbread Man recognizes this "brain song" as a human's unconscious attempt at creating order in the quagmire of chaos constantly confusing its mental condition. Because of his ultimately detached position, The Gingerbread Man has no real emotional stake in the lives of these people, but they do represent an ongoing sense of amusement for him. In the end he sums up his feelings toward humanity with a brief song of his own. Bonus tracks: instrumental arrangement, edited condensation."
  • LabelCryptic Corp
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