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Ruger, Tobias - Interlude

"With his fully-acoustic quartet, Frankfurt's Tobias Rüger explores the musical possibilities of the most classic of jazz outfits. Traditional in set-up and modern in musical language, spontaneous expression and improvisation blends into precisely-arranged compositional ideas. Tobias Rüger has taken on three outstanding musicians for this project: Daniel Stelter, guitar, is neither a jazz, nor pop, nor classical guitarist, although his playing is borne out of all these styles without being eclectic. His playing is exceptionally gentle both in sound and harmony and thus provides a perfect link between melody and rhythm. Hanns Höhn, bass, is a member of numerous jazz projects, including those of German jazz masters Oli Bott and Torsten de Winkel. His tone is voluptuous and smooth. Furthermore, his uncannily secure intonation allows him to apply his bass frequently for melodic purposes. Kay Lübke, drums, has recorded with Efrat Alony and Ernst-Ludwig Petrowsky. He is an exceptional drummer in the sense that he makes the very most of the whole range of sounds the drum-set has to offer. According to Rüger himself, "Adjusting my compositions to their musicianship became a responsibility, a responsibility to translate the spectrum that exists between solo performance and accompaniment, between formal composition and uninhibited improvisation. In 'Zeitloch' (Timewarp) or 'Die Stimme der Vernunft' (The Voice of Reason), Hanns casts new light on the motives introduced by the saxophone in wide solo passages, whereas the guitar and double bass almost merge into one in 'Im Zimmer der Zauberin' (In the Room of the Sorceress). In 'Der Besuch der alten Dame' (The Visit of the Old Lady), Kay explores the melodic potential of the drum set, accompanied by guitar and bass, while I use some so-called new playing techniques such as multiphonics and circular breathing on the sax." These special compositions were recorded in an 18-hour studio session, and are the result of careful interaction between four personalities and their ideas."
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