D.A.T.A. - Compressed

Another approach to free jazz, four musicians from various musical genres focusing on the compositional structure of improvisation. This is the group’s second CD on SLAM. The band D.A.T.A. consists of four members of South London musicians, who met a year ago. Through a mutual interest in pushing improvised jazz further, they formed a collective that gave them their own unique voices. The band name D.A.T.A. derives from the first initial of each member. Starting with Dave Hayley, who has performed many different musical genres throughout his extensive music career, he specializes in drums and percussion. Next is Alan Eason, an extremely talented guitarist, who would really like to be known as 'a black cabbie who plays guitar' with his tongue firmly in his cheek. Then there is Tris Harris, who has an extensive portfolio of performing, recording and experimenting with a wide selection of instruments, and is also very active in the jazz circuit as a professional pianist and musician. Last, but not least, is Andy McFarlane, whose instrument is the violin, on which he extensively performs throughout the jazz and improvised circuit. D.A.T.A., as a band, are intending to continue performing and recording as an ensemble, creating music that forms interesting cohesion's and allows the band members to enjoy their mutual interest."
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