Santamaria, Robert / Ensemble Spatium - Jaume II: Musica de Fets I Llegendes CD

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You know Robert as the leader and multi-instrumentalist of the Spanish band Amarok. This is his first solo release.

“Finally, after a long cooking time that has lasted a 30 years, the most ambitious of all my musical projects finally sees the light. Jaume I, Musica of Fets i Llegendes. (Music of feats and legends).
It is a personal vision about the life of this medieval monarch, in which I have mixed historical and legendary aspects in an undifferentiated way, and in which I have not had any problem when using the different musical resources (compositional, stylistic and instrumental) that I have deemed appropriate. In this adventure I have been accompanied by a host of extraordinary musicians who have made it rise far above what I thought possible. They are the Ensemble Spatium, the ensemble of persistence.
The similarities between many of the songs of this album and the music of Amarok are evident, since they were composed at the same time, when I was working on the different Amarok albums. The music, like in Amarok records, is sung in Catalan and Spanish.
The mixture of elements of contemporary and progressive folk, medieval music, classical and world music, the variety of instruments and voices from the East and the West, as well as the contribution of historical and poetic texts, make this CD (published to all luxury) a true initiation journey to this exciting time.”
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