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Satan - Satan vinyl lp (due to size and weight, this price for the USA only. Outside of the USA, the price will be adjusted as needed)

Never before released progressive rock from France in 1973. And it's really good! Check out the clips below!

"The label Monster Melodies releases the legendary album of Satan, recorded in 1973. An absolute must in terms of progressive music, never released before in these years.
Luxury limited edition, 1000 copies only, all numbered. Colored vinyl with poster and inserts.
In 1968, in Le Mans (a town in the west of France in the countries of the Loire) some young students planning to become teachers begin a band under the name of The New Rainbow. Pink Floyd Soft Machine and Led Zeppelin.
Quickly, they changed their name for Heaven Road and started to become famous in the west of France. After playing for their liked English and American they write their own composition and deliver very good show at the same level as professional band. In Paris they win three contest in The Drouot golf (the mecca of the French rock band at this time) and were declared to be the best nonprofessional French band in 1972.
Playing at the festival, the band began to hang out with French rock scene like Variations, Magma, It Was Once, Catharsis, Angel or Crisis Dynasty. In 1973, they decide to change their name to Satan. Their music is in between hard rock and progressive and is unique, the band deliver a very intense show, dark and mysterious, inspired by the world of sci fi and literature with elaborate light show, musicians wearing make-up and strange costumes.
But, in spite of the fact that they have played the English band Caravan in 1974 and had a sequence in local TV show, the band always sufferance from financial difficulties. For this reason, they created another band alongside the name of Summer Sky, which was much more commercial music intended exclusively in the circuit of ballroom.
With the financial proceeds from this, they go in a studio in Angers twice. The First Time to Record Two Tracks for the Summer Album released on single by Studio 20 and the second time to record tracks for the next album of Satan which the band has played on stage for more than three years.

But at this time they did not find a record company to publish the record..."

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