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"Though hes renowned for his roles in Acid Mothers Temple and Zeni Geva, and for leading the bands Koenjhyakkei and Koekyojinn, since 1985 Ruins has been Tatsuya Yoshidas primary musical outlet. Beginning in 2006, Yoshida would occasionally fill the vacant second slot with alto saxophonist Ono Ryoko, one of Japans most indemand studio musicians. Their duo, Sax Ruins, transforms Yoshidas compositions from heavy, nimble prog to dense, hyper kinetic big band jazz, not entirely unlike Sonny Rollins sitting in with Magma and Carl Stalling on the Warner Bros. lot."

"If I hadn't already heard Yawiquo, I would have given this five stars but the bar was set very high. After my first listen I was a little disappointed as this album verges on almost accessible at points - indulging in a bit of a melody for more than 8 measures at a time and, as such, isn't as exhausting to listen to as the first one, Yawiquo. But on repeated listens it has its own charms. The musicianship is, of course, amazing and virtuoustic. The improvisations at the end of the CD are a bit looser than the tightly composed works. The avant garde scene in Japan is putting out some amazing stuff."
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