Schoener, Eberhard - Bali-Agung CD + DVD

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One of a small number of Kosmiche classics by this composer and keyboardist. The CD has been out before, although I haven't seen it in many ages, but no one has seen the film in decades and decades! This is a quietly extraordinary release; highly recommended!

"Eberhard Schoener is hailed as the first German musician to own a "Big Moog" system, and was also amongst the first musicians to do an album of purely synthesizer music.... Another innovation was the unique fusion of Gamelan music, synthesizers and drums, on the extraordinary BALI-AGÚNG."-The Crack in the Cosmic Egg

"The island Bali in the Indian Ocean became perhaps the most important chapter in the musical life of Eberhard Schoener. There he found something he had not seen before, - at least not in the Western civilized world he lived in - and he felt a strong desire for empirical music. Feeling is the credo in Eberhard's music. He is a musician who concluded that things can arise out of the feeling of the moment and that he must have the courage to go for it. "In modern music", he says "feelings were immediately dismissed as kitsch". Eberhard owes the discovery of Bali to Johannes Schaaf, who first brought him to this island but he really got to know Bali through the Swiss artist Theo Meier who introduced Eberhard to his longtime friend, the Prince Agung Raka in Saba. Eberhard extended all his antennae and drank in the Balinese life. Agung Raka introduced him to the gamelan music. Gamelan is not only referring to a style of music but also to the instruments used to create it. Most gamelan instruments are beaten with a hammer made of wood or horn. Mainly, they consist of metallophones with bars made of bronze, gongs and drums. Depending on the style, flutes and xylophone might also be added. In the old days, every village and every aristocrat has had its / his own gamelan. Eberhard observing how Agung Raka treated his musicians, with precision and patience, Eberhard learned not to make decisions for the musicians, but simply to accompany them instead.....After several visits to Bali, it was clear to Eberhard that he and the gamelan orchestra of Prince Agung Raka would do something new. He spoke with drummer Pete York about it. A composition of traditional gamelan sounds, with Pete's rhythm and Eberhard's sensitive electronics, it would be exciting. He also wanted to film a documentary about how the musicians approach each other with their different attitudes towards the other's conception. The film not only shows what happens, but it also interprets the music through images, a complex interaction and an opportunity to perform his music and bring it to a spiritual place. In 1975, Eberhard Schoener bundled up the cables for his Moog and traveled to Bali with all the necessary equipment, along with Pete York, two engineers and a cameraman to the city of Denpasar in Bali....Under the title "Bali Agung -or - The Other Time" the documentary was shown on German TV. Eberhard was awarded by the German evening newspaper DIE ZEIT in February 1976 with "the Star of the week". The LP was positively received . DIE ZEIT wrote, "The result is something entirely new: floating sounds and hard rhythms, both contemplative as a very exciting music of a very own kind". Meanwhile, Eberhard pursued his aim of a joint tour. He went to Bali several times in the summertime to organize the documents for the musician's outward voyage."

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