Freedom's Children - Astra

"South African acid-rock legends Freedom's Children recorded their second album in 1970 in South Africa for EMI. Formed at the height of the hated Apartheid era, Freedom's Children swiftly became South Africa's most innovative sons, incomparable to anyone both musically and politically during those turbulent years. Their explorative, sonic excursions pushed the musical envelope and broke down barriers, culminating in the groundbreaking Astra album, arguably one of the era's most overlooked recordings. The problem was, no one was listening beyond South Africa. Astra is their most well-known album among collectors. You can easily compare it to Pink Floyd's Atom Heart Mother. Musically, it follows the same rules, but with a heavier guitar sound -- a real complex, progressive underground album."

"Astra remains a startling piece of work and dare I say it, a seminal album from that era. With MacKay's social-philosophical songs providing a template to launch from, the whole group works as a collective to push the musical envelope and create an inspired and highly original piece of music."-Nick Warburton, Ugly Things

"From the driving lead of Julian's lead guitar, a perfect match for the amphetamine and speed culture of the day, to the surreal, trippy sound of the band that tuned into the growing use of LSD, Freedom's captured the mood and the sounds of the early '70s South African music scene."-Raymond Joseph
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