Schultze, Kristian - Born To Breathe (Mega Blowout Sale)

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Note: These German CDs are new and unplayed, but they are 20 years old and have been stored on shelves in warehouses known and unknown until you now have the chance to buy them for cheap, and the covers do show some shelf wear.

Keyboardist Kristian Schultze is best known as a member of Passport during their classic era (1972-1977), but he was also a member of Curt Cress Clan, Utopia and Snowball!

In addition to all of these classic German proggy fusion ensembles, he also made a few, lesser known solo albums, of which this 1996 release was his final album (he died in 2011).

The sound on this is post-70s synthesizer music; obviously influenced by the 70s spacey Berlin sound, but updated to reflect the times. A good comparison might be some of Kit Watkins solo albums such as Wet Dark & Low or Azure. Two long tracks.
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