Scosse Elettriche - Scosse Elettriche CD

Riccardo Sinigaglia: Piano, Keyboards, Synths, Flutes
Davide Zolli – Drums, Percussions

“The name of a sound project rarely suggests its precise identity. But in this case, for the new experimental creature by Riccardo Sinigaglia and Davide Zolli, the analogy is very clear and evocative. Therefore, “Scosse Elettriche” is a set of catalysts that release and condense the multi-colored nature of fantastic energies. The association exploits not only the encounter between two different generations of musicians, but above all favours the osmosis between stylistic areas of different backgrounds. With his psychedelic devotion, the former “Squadra Omega” drummer brings a solid free-form lysergic drumming, made of eccentric and crazy syncopations, but with a terse and precise gait; with his expert touch, Sinigaglia (Futuro Antico, Correnti Magnetiche) embellishes for the vibrant jazz phrasing and his exceptional control on roaring synths and moogs of progressive quality. The duo gives us a further kosmische interpretation of the fine border between rock and avant-garde, merging electronic and impressions of piano free-jazz, minimalist echoes and pure krautrock. It’s almost like it developing and inheriting the most cosmic way of the Canterbury sound (Gong), marrying it with influences of the freak spirit of Ash Ra Temple, Silver Apples or Sensation’s Fix, a certain irreverence of Faust and the infinite meditation of Terry Riley. Zolli and Sinigaglia play an advanced and swirling space-rock, which thrives of ascending and descending tensions, of the laminated and velvety sound masses of Farfisa, but ready to unleash and explode in spasmodic spaciousness inhabited by creeping poisonous percussions and mysterious flute voices. “Scosse Elettriche” preserves the exploratory and psychological power of certain sounds dear to the 1970s, but their relentless and hypnotic sound enjoys a deep relevance that still excites our most secret liquid dreams.”-Andrea Maria Simoniello
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