Beauty Is In The Distance - Romantic Suite CD

Dave Newhouse: saxes,clarinets and keyboards
Luciano Margorani: electric guitar and noises
Federico Zenoni: drums and objects

“Beauty Is In The Distance is Dave Newhouse (of Muffins), guitarist Luciano Margorani (of La 1919) and drummer Federico Zenoni (also recently active with La 1919). In 2016 the trio released the album " Beauty Is In The Distance " on the Milan label Alma De Nieto, which was followed in 2019 by the album " Romantic Suite under the project name " Beauty Is In The Distance ". " reviewed here, which has now been released Based on the respective band history of the participants it should be quite clear what kind of music you will find on “ Romantic Suite ”. As noted on the back of the digipack, the three numbers were largely improvised by the three protagonists. Sax or clarinet, e-guitar and drums (occasionally supplemented by key sounds) scurry about freely and at an angle, not too wild or noisy, rather they make music or communicate with each other in a jazzy, rocky, free format.
Apparently, the three musicians were never in the same room during the recording. The two Italians finalized their amounts in Milan and then sent the result to the United States, where Newhouse added his footprints. In recent years, such virtual collaborations have become normal. Nevertheless, “ Romantic Suite ” sounds very organic and rustic. You actually think you are attending a live jam, although the music is very carefully constructed and coordinated. Zenoni's versatile and very dynamic drumming is impressive, as it determines the tempo of the music at all times. Newhouse provides jazzy, Canterbury-like interludes on the blower (and also corresponding sound-waving e-piano patterns), while Margorani is more responsible for the edgy and experimental side of the music. Howling, creaking, fiddling and pinging, he uses the electric guitar, but also provides various humming and growling bass tracks.
"Romantic Suite" is not particularly romantic, but it offers first-class, virtuoso performed and extremely colorful rock improvisations with a jazzy-rocky-Canterbury-inspired touch. A trio session by the Muffins in the days of "Open City" or "<185>" might not have sounded very dissimilar. And anyone who appreciates such music should with “ Romantic Suite have a lot of fun ”. More of that!”-BabyBlaue
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