Sewelson, Dave - More Music For A Free World CD

SKU 39-CD-MAHA-002
Dave Sewelson - Baritone Saxophone
Steve Swell - Trombone
William Parker - Bass
Marvin Bugalu Smith - Drums

Cuneiform fans know baritone saxist Dave for his excelling work with The Microscopic Septet and Fast ‘n’ Bulbous, among other things, but he has long worked in various more ‘free jazz’ fields and this is his latest.

“William Parker had included a talk he had with Dave Sewelson, the instigator of these proceedings, in his latest book Conversations III. Chad Fowler was reading the chapter in his kitchen in Arkansas when he read Sewelson mention a recording “tried to put another one out. If anybody out there wants to put that out...” He immediately knew he wanted to release in on Mahakala Music. He knew master recording engineer Jim Clouse had it in the can and was the one to talk to connect him with Sewelson. The results of these synchronous events are a delight to hear.
The music here is completely improvised. Maybe someone was going to tell the musicians to try to make some shorter pieces, less challenging for a casual listener but they didn’t. Perhaps someone said, let the drums kick this one off or “go” but no instruction was given. These sounds come out of the silence that is already swinging. The results show what has been known since 2017, that when these four musicians start playing together the result is exquisite music. Call it chemistry, collaboration, community but it is contagious.”
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