Sezione Frenante - Metafora Di Un Viaggio

Doriano Mestriner / guitar
Mirco De Marchi / keyboards, vocals
Sandro Bellemo / bass
Alessandro Casagrande / drums
Francesco Nardo / lead vocals

"The band was born in the first half of the 70's, then in the middle of the decade they changed formation and name, assuming its present name. The group, after opening for Orme, Biglietto per L'Inferno, Ibis, Perigeo, Tito Schipa, suspended its activities as a homogeneous entity and the members pursued different musical projects. With the new millennium, slowly the idea of getting back together and presenting "the complete works" came to life. Their compositions from many years ago had given life to the music inspired by the fantastic journey of the poet Dante Alighieri. Thus was born this concept album, a single long journey through unknown lands populated by fantastic images at once terrible and beautiful, solar and merciful, through to maturity in life. Musically the disc is absolutely in line with the sound of the 70's and in particular with that of the first half of that golden decade. The collaboration with Aldo Tagliapietra, who has been for years a friend and frequent guest in the concerts of the group, influences the sound and makes it very close to the idea of "Felona e Sorona" but there are also hints of Locanda delle Fate, Biglietto and PFM in the musicality of this band, whose music is still very personal and totally tied to the more symphonic Italian prog wave."
  • LabelMaracash
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